15 Posts on Quiet Times, Bible Reading & Prayer

Do you have a firm grip on your devotional life and time with God every day? Many Christians don’t, and I am convinced that this is the main reason why so many of us don’t live in victory, and seem to struggle continually to find the joy and peace that are promised in the Bible.

I have gathered together all my posts from the last 4 years (I didn’t know I had been blogging that long!) on quiet times, Bible reading and prayer. I have been a Christian for about 30 years now (gulp!) and during that time a major goal has always been to spend quality time with God.

I have failed many times, learned many things, and maybe you can find something that will help you, from what God has taught me over the years 🙂

If you don’t know where to start, I would suggest that you begin with this post – which has 10 tips for quiet times.


Quiet Times (spending time with God)


10 Tips for Quiet Times – practical tips on how to have a daily quality time with God.

How to Find a Good Time for Devotions – some tips on how to book an appointment with God that will actually work.

My Devotional Basket – my quiet time ‘hardware’ – which books and Bibles I use to help me.

Giving God Your Best – why we should try to give God our best time, rather than what is left!


Reading Your Bible

Bible 001

Why Read The Bible? – this should give you some motivation to read God’s Word.

Bible Reading Plans – various different ways of reading through the Bible.

Can Reading Your Bible Be Legalistic? – the thought of legalism often seems to come up when people talk about reading through the Bible – is it a valid concern?

D.L.Moody on Studying the Bible – quotes from a famous and godly evangelist about reading and studying the Bible.

The Bible’s Call To Action – why our Bible reading shouldn’t stop at reading, but go forward into action.




How to Make A Prayer Diary – do you ever wonder how you can possible pray for all the people you feel you should? This will help you to make it a reality.

How To Pray More Effectively – some reasons why a prayer diary can be so helpful.

Prayer Changes Things! – a big reason why we don’t pray is our lack of faith that it actually does anything! Here are some reasons why we should pray, to get you motivated.

The Effect of Sin on Our Prayers – how holding on to sin can affect our prayers.

Dwelling in The Secret Place – thoughts on praying without ceasing.

3 Prayers to Help You Share The Gospel – do you struggle with witnessing to unbelievers? These 3 prayers can help you before you even go anywhere.


I hope you have found something to be helpful in these posts. God bless you in the New Year!

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