The True Ministry of Motherhood

The children sharing a Christian song with actions at our family reunion in Holland

In a completely different vein from my last post, I want to share a quote from a book on motherhood which brought tears to my eyes. I’m not a very emotional person so that doesn’t happen very often! But I think this just resonated within my heart.

For almost 7 years now I have been a mother. I have been more tired and for longer than I have ever been. I have had my patience tested more than it ever has been. And I believe I have grown as a Christian through all of it.

But often as I try to figure out where I should spend my time, how to prioritise, and how to make decisions for what we do with the children, I come back to – what is the purpose of all this? Why am I a mother? What is my job before God?

And I always end up with the same thing – that God has given me these children to raise for Him, to follow Him and serve Him. And that is what I aim for and long for, that they would follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

This is the quote that brought tears to my eyes, from Sally Clarkson’s ‘Ministry of Motherhood‘:

‘Seeing my children develop a heart for God’s service and begin to find their own place of ministry in the world is a reachable goal for me as a mother, because God has designed me to fulfill this purpose. 

This is the true ministry of motherhood – to usher my children into the living presence of God, to nurture in them a heart for Jesus and the Great Commission he has called each of us to fulfill.’

So there you go – this is what God has teaching me over these last 7 years, and this is what I hope to do as a mother – to nurture in them a heart for God. Motherhood is a high calling!

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4 Responses

  1. Yesterday, my five year old asked me who makes him sin. When I explained about the sin in his heart, he said, “But Mummy, what about the things we’ve learned from YOU that are wrong?”

    Astute boy.

    Yep, I have sin in my heart too, I told him. But it’s your choice whether you become like me, or become like God. You can’t blame me for the wrong things you do.

    I LOVE having these conversations with my kids!

  2. Amen and AMEN! And leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of God’s love continues on with the next generation as we continue to share Him with our grandchildren. True joys!!!!

  3. Rhoda says:

    Wow Alison your 5 year old is very smart! I love those conversations too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Pamela says:

    Sweet picture. I rejoice as I watch my daughter bring her children to this place–my grandchildren are 5th generation children of God who are blessed to help fulfill the great commission. A beautiful quote–brought tears to my eyes, too.