In Christ All Things Hold Together

Have you ever wondered how the earth stays together? Molten rocks and fire inside, freezing air above, crazy humans on the surface…

This is what we heard on Sunday:

‘You don’t need anything else because Christ is the one who keeps it together. 

Col 1:17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. 

 All things consist – or are held together.

Coulomb’s law of electricity say that like charges repel. There is a mystery: in the nucleus of an atom protons are all packed with like charges. Scientists don’t know why they hold together so they just call it “atomic glue”.

You can study Quantum physics and learn lots of hypothesis and theories, but the answer is Jesus holds it all together. 

Now through Nuclear physics we learn things can be dissolved instantaneously, and would dissolve into a zillion degree fervent heat.

The actual answer is in the bible: Jesus holds it all together and by him all things consist and the Bible tells us what will happen. Someday He will let go and Revelation tells us the earth will roll up like a scroll, possibly vaporise or become a ball of flames like Peter says.

See how Jesus is central – He created it, He holds it all together, He created it with a Word and it will vaporise when He says the Word.

Jesus can put you back together too, He knits us in the womb, he likes to heal the brokenhearted. He can put back together troubled lives. Jesus is the answer you see, no matter what you have been through.’

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