My Favourite Preachers and Podcasts

A couple of years ago I was struggling with tiredness from all that I had to do. A sweet friend recommended that I start downloading podcasts to listen to on my ipod and wear it around the house. So I did!

Previously I had only used my ipod for listening to music, but podcasts was a great new addition and I had previously had no idea of the wealth of free resources out there.

In case anyone reading this doesn’t know what they are, they are audio files that you can set up a regular subscription to receive on your computer. So many radio programs have podcasts, as do preachers, and they will automatically download new ones whenever they come out – or you can set it to wait until you pick what you want as well. Then you can plug in your mp3 player and take them all with you around the house.

Anyway I thought I would share my favourites. I have tried out quite a lot of different podcasts from preachers that I like, or have heard of, or I like reading. But these are the ones I narrowed it down to that I like best.

Alistair Begg – usually preaches systematically through a book of the Bible, or sometimes does a series on something else. He is very Biblical, thorough and doesn’t compromise the truth! His archives are also at

Charles Stanley – very straight talking, challenging and inspirational, usually preaches on different topics. If I feel in need of some inspiration to make me hunger after God again I often listen to him. You can also find all his archives at 

Dave Rolph – preaches through the Bible from beginning to end and then starts again, which I really like! He is gracious, laid back, practical and balanced, and if you are feeling discouraged he is a great one to listen to!  His archives are free to listen to at

Greg Laurie – often preaches through a book of the Bible or through a topical series. He is evangelistic, challenging, straight talking and funny. His archives are free to listen to at

If you haven’t yet tried to listen to podcasts it’s a great thing to explore. It’s wonderful and so helpful to be able to feed yourself during the week to keep your mind on things of God, and keep you growing – and these are all free!

I should also mention that my husband is one of my all-time favourite preachers, but I tend to listen to him at church rather than on podcast! You can listen to or download his sermons here.

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