Do You Love God’s Word?

I’ve been reading the last book of the ‘Left Behind’ series and I can honestly say that it’s one of the most truly exciting books I have ever read. It’s called ‘Glorious Appearing‘, and is a fictional account of what happens right before and after Jesus comes in the clouds.

Just in normal life I can’t wait for Jesus to come back and for us all to go to heaven, but to get so close to it being reality and seeing how it might happen is real suspense!

But there was something that stuck out when I read it this time. There is a Jewish professor in there who gets saved right towards the end of the Great Tribulation, and as he and another wait for Christ to come in the sky he quotes lots of scripture.

When his friend says that he has never been able to memorise like that, he replies, “God gave me a love for His Word. Now there is nothing I would rather do than study it every spare moment and commit as much of it as possible to memory.”

And there is a real motive for memorising scripture and Bible study – love of God’s word. We can see that love in Psalm 119:

I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies
As much as in all riches. 
I will meditate on Your precepts, 
And contemplate Your ways. 
I will delight myself in Your statutes
I will not forget Your word. 
Psalm 119:14-16

I want to get back to that love of God’s Word, where I see it as a field of hidden treasure that I need to dig – which it is! And I want to memorise it because I love it. I hope to do it anyway whether I have that motive or not, but I want to stoke the fire of love that makes me really desire to know more of God’s Word.

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  1. Brooke says:

    That’s a great thing to pray for especially since our “generous God” gives wisdom to the one who asks for it (James 1:5) 🙂